Drayton Manor Resort Privacy Notice

In connection with any visit, enquiry or proposed visit, to Drayton Manor Resort, we will process personal information about you. This includes visits to and purchases from our websites as well as our theme park, hotel and other attractions.

This Privacy Notice summarises what information will be collected and how it will be used. It also explains your rights in relation to this information.

When do we collect information about you?

There are various circumstances in which we collect personal information about you. These include any information you provide when you:

  • Make an enquiry with us
  • Make a booking
  • Buy a ticket or membership
  • Order or pay for anything from us
  • Fill in any forms or surveys on our websites or when visiting us
  • Sign up for a newsletter or enter our competitions or promotions
  • Register for Wi-Fi use at one of our attractions
  • Communicate with us, such as by email, letter, telephone

Where an enquiry or a booking is made through a third party, such as a friend, family member or ticket agency, we will collect information about you from that third party.

In cases of emergency or where public security is an issue we may process information from other sources such as public registers or social media platforms.

Your image may be captured on CCTV installed at our attractions.

When you visit one of our websites - www.draytonmanor.co.uk,  or www.draytonmanorhotel.co.uk – we also collect online usage information through the use of “cookies” and similar technology. This is explained in our “cookie policy” available on our websites.

What information do we collect?

The information we collect can include the following:

  • Contact details (for example, last name, first name, telephone number, address, email)
  • Information relating to your child (for example, first name, date of birth)
  • Your arrival & departure times and dates
  • What you have purchased from us and when
  • Your interest in our events, activities, services and goods
  • Information necessary to complete a payment card transaction (following the transaction, we will only keep the last four digits of your payment card number in case there are any payment disputes or we need to issue a refund)
  • Your correspondence, comments, and interactions before, during and following a visit or a stay
  • Additional personal information provided by you (for example, date of birth, nationality, interests and preferences, information about your health)

You do not have an obligation to provide information to us. However, in some cases we may not be able to provide goods or services to you unless you provide certain minimum information.

What use is made of your information?

Your information may be used to:

  • Manage any transaction with us, such as the purchase of a theme park ticket, a reservation at our on-site 4 Star hotel, a meal in one of our restaurants, the booking of an event, or the purchase of any goods or services from us
  • Maintain necessary financial records of these transactions
  • Personalise our communications with you
  • Provide you with up to date information about opening times, dates and our services
  • Provide information relevant to your geographical location
  • Provide you with offers and information which may be personalised to you
  • Provide you with discounts to use throughout your visit
  • Enhance your visits
  • Investigate and analyse any issues raised by you and find a suitable solution
  • Defend or pursue a legal claim, prevent fraud or report crime
  • Enhance safety and security
  • Assist in the identification of trends and preferences among our customers for the purpose of improving the products and services we offer

We may use your information in automated processing to tailor marketing materials to you. Other than this, we do not use your information for automated decision making.

Where you provide us with information about your health, we will only use it for purposes for which you have given us explicit consent (such as to administer first aid, or to make special arrangements during your visit to our attractions) or to defend or pursue any legal claim. Where you have given consent, this can be withdrawn at any time.

What are your rights?

You have the right to:

  • Be informed about the collection and use of your personal information
  • Access the personal information we hold about you
  • Have corrected or completed any inaccurate personal information
  • Request that we delete your personal information, or stop processing it or collecting it, in some circumstances
  • Stop direct marketing messages
  • Withdraw any consent you have given for processing personal information
  • Request that we transfer or port elements of your personal information either to you or another service provider, in some circumstances
  • omplain to your data protection regulator — in the UK, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Please note that in certain circumstances you may also have the right to object to us processing your personal information on grounds relating to your particular situation.

If you have any questions about your personal information, want to understand your rights or want to contact us please use the contact information located at the bottom of the page.

How long do we keep your information? 

We keep different information for different lengths of time. Where information falls into more than one reason below, the longest period will apply:

Reason information required

Maximum period of retention

To defend or pursue a legal claim or to comply with legal obligations

Until the expiry of the period during which the information may be relevant to the claim or as set out in the legal obligation. In certain circumstances, this may be many years.

To evidence a financial transaction or other contract

6 years

For direct marketing messages

3 years after your last communication, account activity or transaction with us.

At any time before then, you can request that all marketing communication stops.

All other purposes

5 years after your last communication, account activity or transaction with us.

We may choose to delete your information after shorter periods.

How do we protect and share your information?

We take securing your personal information seriously, with up to date technologies and procedures in place with trusted data partners. Our information and security policies and procedures are aligned with widely accepted international practice.

Apart from in the limited circumstances set out in this Privacy Notice, we will not share your personal information with anyone unless you give us your explicit consent to do so. Where you have given us consent, you may withdraw that consent at any time.

We may share your personal information with sub-contractors and suppliers who store and process your information on our behalf, including outside the European Union. We will only do this where we are satisfied that the transfer is within all applicable regulations, that appropriate security measures are in place and that the sub-contractors and suppliers will not disclose or use the information for their own purposes. Examples include disclosure to insurers, professional advisers and IT support services.

We may use and share your personal information in order to: a) comply with any court order, or demand from a law enforcement or other government agency; or b) pursue or defend a legal claim; or c) report or prevent a crime; or d) prevent harm to any individual or property.

We may also share your personal information with a potential buyer of the whole or part of our business where reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the confidentiality and security of that information. If we (or a substantial part of our business) is acquired by a third party, your personal information will be one of the transferred assets.

Our contact details

The Drayton Manor Resort, which encompasses the theme park and hotel are run by the following company:

Drayton Manor Resort Limited (company number: 12760453)

For any matters concerning this Privacy Notice, please contact our data protection group at our usual address:

Drayton Manor Park, Tamworth, Staffs, B78 3TW

Email: dataprotectiongroup@draytonmanor.co.uk